Leadership Development with Pursuit

Leadership is a skill everyone can develop. Whether you're looking to develop your own leadership skills, or those of your team or organisation, Pursuit can support you.

"Leadership is a choice, not a title." Stephen Covey

The 7 Ps of Leadership: Empower & Inspire

Pursuit's 7 P's model develops leadership skills and increases your personal effectiveness at work. Not only that, it will help you to empower and inspire those around you, allowing you to be more authentic as a leader, giving you greater impact and ensuring better results.

If you want to increase your influence, be more strategic for the longterm, and foster better relationships at work, then we have the tools and skills to help you.

Our unique model will help you discover more about your Personality, Purpose, Performance, Passion, Productivity, Profile and Potential.  It will help you identify and deal with any obstacles, and allow you to discover new ways to enhance your performance. You'll gain greater clarity on your leadership role, purpose and values, plus you'll develop deeper confidence in yourself and your abilities, as well as being able to draw out the best from those around you.

Be empowered, authentic & inspiring

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Boost your career

Do you want to work less hours, but don't know how to achieve it? Would you benefit from having greater presence and influence in meetings? Or maybe you'd like to develop better relationships with your boss, your team or your clients? We can support you in any aspect of your career, from preparing you for your next promotion, helping you make a difficult career decision or transitioning to a new role. We'll give you the ultimate support in your career progression.

We work on a private basis with career professionals from all industries including private, public and not for profit. We also specialise in working with people from professional services firms.

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Book your complimentary Strategy Session

Find out how you can develop leaders at all levels and empower all your people to lead effectively. We offer a 90 minute complimentary 'Strategy Session'. This is an opportunity to discuss the leadership challenges you're facing and how you can improve leadership at all levels.

There's no sales pressure, just an open conversation. You'll receive a free questionnaire and a report on critical aspects of your leadership. Book yours today!