3 Steps to Promotion


Are you ready for a promotion?

Are you achieving great results at work, showing clear leadership, and hearing all the right messages about your talent and potential? If so, a promotion may well seem like your next natural career move.

These criteria may seem like clear indicators of future success, but being ready for the next step isn't just about having the skills and potential to perform the next role; it's also about having the right mindset to deal with extra responsibility. Sometimes, people under-estimate the effect a step up in responsibility can have on both career and personal life.

After a promotion, people can often find themselves working much longer hours to prove to themselves and the organisation that they were the right person for the job. But the new role is often unfamiliar territory, and the transition to greater seniority and extra responsibility can be overwhelming. This can result in increased levels of stress, causing people to wonder 'was it all worth it?'

It's not just the next role itself that causes levels of anxiety and overwhelm, however; senior promotion processes themselves can be a testing time for individuals. There can be many hurdles to clear, from 'readiness reviews', personality assessments, writing business cases, delivering presentations and interview panels. The promotion journey can last anywhere from 6 months or more. On top of a busy and pressurised day job, these hurdles can seem like mountains to climb. As a result, many senior people seek extra professional support when going for an important promotion, to make sure they're at their best for each stage and ready for whatever awaits them.

So how can you ensure you're ready for the next step?

Hit the ground running with our 3 Step promotion programme

We help talented professionals like you navigate a challenging promotion process, and support you in being fully prepared for the next level. Our promotion programme will be tailored to your needs, and will ensure you can demonstrate and articulate your personal readiness for promotion. In addition, you'll increase your confidence and feel more empowered to take on all the challenges of the promotion process and the next role.

Here's what you can expect from our promotion programme:

  • Foresight and preparation to help you transition to your new role
  • Being ready and at your best for each hurdle of the promotion process
  • Greater ability to meet your development needs
  • Increased leadership capability
  • Greater resilience when dealing with setbacks
  • Mindset readiness for extra responsibility and pressure
  • Deeper confidence in your skills and abilities
  • Ability to articulate your value and contribution
  • Rich insights and learning about you, your strengths and performance
  • Encouragement, support and challenge

If you're not receiving coaching through your workplace, then private coaching can be a great option. If you're starting to think about your next promotion, we can give you that extra level of support you've been looking for, and help you ensure you're ready to transition to the next level.

Hit the ground running in your next role

Complimentary 30 minute career evaluation

If you're in already in a promotion process (or aiming for one in the next 12 months), and you're serious about investing in your career future, why not have a Career Evaluation with us?

"Rachael spent time working with me to prepare my papers for my Director promotion. She challenged me to ensure I pulled out the best examples and articulate myself well. Most important for me was learning to talk un-self consciously about myself and my examples. Rachael worked with me to ensure I put myself forward in the best light, confidently.

Working towards a promotion is a challenging time, having Rachael supporting and nudging me along gave me the confidence that was already there but helped me bring out both on paper and in my promotion interview."  PwC Director

3 Steps: Strategic, Personal, Practical

We've found that most senior level promotion processes incorporate some or all of these 3 aspects. This is particularly true for promotions from within a competitive talent environment. To simplify and structure our programme, we've designed it around these core elements. As a result, together we can cover all aspects of your promotion process, or just focus the ones that are relevant for you.

Before undertaking any work together, we'll discuss the specific requirements of your promotion process, which will allow us to tailor the programme to your needs.

Strategic - helping you develop your vision for success. Building your business case for promotion and how that aligns with your organisation's strategy. Assessing your leadership style, commercial awareness, strategic relationships, influence and stakeholders. Understanding what's required of you at the next level, both in terms of technical skills, responsibilities and behaviours.

Personal - exploring what impact this promotion will have for you, your career and your life. Tackling any fears and concerns you have about the promotion process and the next role. Strengthening your resilience and ability to deal with difficult messages or challenging feedback. Preparing you to stay calm under pressure such as in an interview panel or presentation.

Practical - from timescales to competencies to promotion paperwork, this will get under the skin of the promotion process. Creating an action plan to keep you on track and motivated. Helping you articulate your reasons for promotion clearly, authentically and succinctly. Finding great examples from your career to show your strengths in areas such as self-leadership, teamwork, building relationships, client service, technical capability or dealing with challenging situations. Making sure you can articulate these with ease and confidence.

How ready are you for your promotion?

The idea of a promotion is an exciting one, with all the benefits you'd expect of higher pay, better benefits, status and responsibility. But getting there can be a daunting and challenging process...

Read our top 10 tips to help you get ready for your promotion!

Could Career Coaching help you?

Find out how you can progress and flourish in your career through Career Coaching. From making a significant career move, to dealing with redundancy, we can support you and help you move forward.

"Rachael's ever-encouraging manner has enabled me to have faith in my capabilities and hope that I can always reach the goals that I set my mind to. She could always get me to foresee where I wanted to be and what I needed to do to get me there, and empowered me with the skills and confidence to do so."  Rosie Ellis

Who is the 3 Step programme for?

This programme is for mid to senior level professionals who want to ensure they are ready for the next important next step of their careers. If you'd benefit from an extra level of support during your promotion process, then we can help.

We work with people who can show great drive and commitment to their own career success, along with a sincere willingness to learn and adapt. It doesn't matter if you've gone for promotion before and not been successful, as we can work together to identify your barriers to success. What's important is that you value your personal development and are willing to put in the hard work and effort into your coaching in order to achieve your promotion.

If you'd like more details about this programme, simply book in your complimentary Career Evaluation session and we can talk through your situation and understand how we can help you get ready for your promotion.

Several silhouettes of businesspeople interacting office background

We work with individuals on a private basis from all industry sectors, and we also specialise in working with professional services firms. Our 3 Step Programme will particularly suit people from senior manager grade all the way to to equity partner.

How does it work practically?

The 3 Steps to Promotion programme is ideal if you're looking at a promotion in the next 6 -18 months. In large organisations with limited promotion spaces and competition amongst high performers, it's usual to be planning and preparing for a promotion up to 18 months in advance.

To give you maximum flexibility, we have 3 packages you can choose from, depending on your promotion needs, timeframe and budget. Simply purchase the number of coaching hours that best work for you:

  • 6 hours - suitable for a promotion timeframe between 2-6 months
  • 9 hours - suitable for a promotion timeframe between 3-9 months
  • 12 hours - suitable for a promotion timeframe from 6 months +

You'll have full control over the pace of your progression through our flexible approach to scheduling. For example, some clients prefer 90 minute sessions, some 60 minute sessions. Some prefer to meet weekly, some fortnightly and some monthly. The choice is up to you.

It's worth knowing that all your coaching sessions are supported by a rigorous Coaching Code of Ethics, and that everything you discuss is confidential. We also include:

  • Upfront agreement about your ideal outcomes and expectations about coaching
  • Clear goal setting and measurable review points along the way
  • Mid coaching reviews for you to take stock and review your progress
  • Flexibility over the timing and scheduling of your sessions
  • Option of meeting face to face, by phone or online (face to face can incur extra travel costs, so just check with us)
  • A development learning review for the last session
  • An 18 page DISC personality profile report *

*A DISC Personality profile is the language of behaviour. This knowledge and understanding will empower you to become a better communicator, minimise or prevent conflicts, appreciate the differences in others and positively influence those around you. It's a popular tool which will help you enhance communication and better understand people. The acronym DISC stands for the four personality styles represented by the letters:

D - Dominant, driver

I - Influencing, inspiring

S - Steady, stable

C - Correct, compliance focused

Complimentary 30 minute career evaluation

If you're in a promotion process (or aiming for one), and you're serious about investing in your career future, why not book in a Career Evaluation Session today? This consultation is entirely focused on you and your promotion. There's no sales pitch - just a great conversation.

We can discuss:
  • Your current role and the next role
  • How this promotion fits into your career
  • What issues and challenges you're facing
  • What solutions could help you progress and move forward

This is a free phone consultation with no sales pressure.  To make sure this will be a good use of your time, we'll send you a short Reflection Questionnaire to fill in prior to the session.  Book yours today!

Our service guarantee

We're passionate about coaching and helping people to make positive and transformational to change their lives and careers. The success of the coaching programme is down to you because you own the process and the results. However, we want all our clients to be entirely happy and satisfied with our service and our style of coaching. So if at the end of the first session you're not happy, we will refund your money.

Feedback from people we've worked with through their promotion process is that they felt incredibly supported throughout the process, and fully ready for the next step. They also valued working with someone objective outside the organisation with a fresh perspective and a non judgmental approach.