Career Coaching

For career professionals

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Do you want to progress at work? Would you like to have greater influence in meetings? Or maybe you'd like to develop better relationships with your boss, your team or your clients?

Career Coaching can support you in any aspect of your career, from helping you make a difficult career decision, transitioning to a new role or working outside your comfort zone.

It will help you progress and flourish, giving you a greater sense of direction, focus and confidence. You'll work on action plans to achieve your ambitions, and deal with any obstacles issues that might be getting in your way.

Let's have a conversation about how I can help you.

"I had been reconsidering my career for some time, but had been struggling to have clarity or focus. Rachael helped me to re-engage with my core skills and motivations, some long neglected, and then progress into thinking about in what way these could be brought into future opportunities. This has dramatically changed the way I am planning for my future, and has made me feel confident about my ability to achieve my new goals. " Lisa Hadwin


"I found the sessions very useful for talking through my work challenges, how I felt about my current role and what I wanted to do in the future. I felt that this really helped my confidence in applying for other jobs and going for interviews." Alice