Career Coaching

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Nurturing talent at all levels

You've spent money on hiring and training your people. But since then, have you nurtured your talent and invested in their development? Are you developing leaders at all levels?

Our Career Coaching programme supports organisations in developing leaders at all levels. An empowered workforce is a productive one, and so investing in leadership skills from the most junior person upwards can help your people work more effectively and feel more satisfied at work. It can also help accelerate careers, solve issues within teams and improve wellbeing. 

What can our career coaching programme help your people with?

In addition to developing leadership skills, our career coaching programmes can also help with the following situations and challenges:

Making successful career moves:

  • Give clarity about future career ambitions
  • Career and development planning
  • Working towards a promotion
  • Transitions to another team
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Make the most of redundancy

Greater satisfaction at work

  • Balancing home, life and work
  • Making flexible hours work through managing stakeholders
  • Transition back to work successfully after time off
  • Managing workloads and dealing with conflicting priorities
  • Empowerment; being yourself at work
  • Dealing with stress and overwhelm

Coaching can also help to make significant improvements for people in their confidence and self-esteem, and how they feel about the value they bring to their role. Working with a coach who is objective and impartial allows employees to resolve their current challenges, develop action plans, and anticipate potential future obstacles.

Issues at work

  • Manage knock backs and drop in motivation
  • Strategies to deal with self-doubt
  • Work with difficult personalities
  • Handle conflict in the team
  • Office politics
  • Manage upwards and downwards
  • Personal strategies to deal with complex issues such as a grievance or bullying
  • Managing multiple stakeholders

Progression & effectiveness

  • Being comfortable outside your comfort zone
  • Achieve greater recognition at work
  • Take on more responsibility
  • Support you in taking on new challenges
  • Help you play to your strengths
  • Find opportunities for growth
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Build your credibility
  • Develop skills such as strategic thinking, leadership, presenting

What's included in our career coaching programme:

Depending on the desired outcome of your career coaching programme, here are some of the features that would typically be included in a one-to-one coaching programme:

  • Complimentary Strategy Session to define coaching outcomes and manage expectations
  • Initial 3 way sponsor / coachee meeting to agree objectives
  • Structured programme with agreed upfront measurable results
  • Regular 3 way sponsor / coachee reviews
  • DiSC® Personality Profile for each employee
  • Leadership profile (if relevant)
  • Exploring values: understanding what drives and motivates people
  • Review of employee's career history (if relevant)
  • Review of employee evaluation feedback (optional) e.g 360
  • Skills Assessment (optional)
  • Tools & exercises to improve creativity and stimulate thinking
  • Specific robust action plan with clear objectives

"I had been reconsidering my career for some time, but had been struggling to have clarity or focus. These sessions helped me to re-engage with my core skills and motivations, some long neglected, and then progress into thinking about in what way these could be brought into future opportunities. This has dramatically changed the way I am planning for my future, and has made me feel confident about my ability to achieve my new goals. "

Lisa Hadwin

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Results you can expect to see

The success of any coaching programme is down to the individual's commitment to making changes. However, typical results from career coaching include:

  • Reduced time spent on avoidable people-related issues
  • Reduced absence levels including reduced stress and anxiety at work
  • Greater levels of personal resilience
  • Improved teamwork and collaboration
  • Increased employee engagement leading to increased retention levels and workplace satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater talent management including diversity pipelines
  • Improved personal and organisational effectiveness

In addition, personal confidence levels increase as new skills develop. As a result, people feel more able to take on complex and interesting work, leading to greater ability to shoulder responsibility and lead others.

How the Career Coaching programme works

All career coaching conversations with employees are 100% confidential. As part of the 3 way upfront conversation, an agreement would be made with each employee about themes or actions that they are happy to be shared with the programme sponsor. 

All sessions are structured to suit each individual employee's needs and your situation. Each structured programme has regular sponsor reviews so that budget holders can be assured of the progress employees are making throughout their coaching sessions. Having a robust action plan with clear objectives and measurable progress can be very motivating for employees as they see their skills grow, feel more in control of their future and motivated to give their best.

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