Group Coaching

Engage your group's creativity and potential

Group coaching is typically a series of group sessions for 6-8 people. It can help you build strong relationships, work productively together and communicate successfully. Perhaps you are:

  • A project group newly formed 
  • Working on a new initiative or challenge
  • A group wanting to develop your skills and confidence

I'll guide your conversations to ensure you are communicating effectively and working in the most productive ways. I can give you support for difficult meetings, help you create engagement, shape group discussions and help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Benefits of Group Coaching

Group coaching can be very helpful at any stage, whether newly formed or established. It's a great way of opening up communication, allowing personal expression and establishing a common goal.

  • Improved communication and strengthened relationships
  • Understanding and working with different personalities
  • Increased motivation and commitment
  • Finding a solution to a common issue
  • Unlocking creativity
  • Handling areas of conflict within or outside the group
  • Dealing with attitudes to change within the business and how to manage the pace of change

Optional Extras 

• Quarterly half day workshops. These would ideally be offsite, giving you time to bond as a group, face big challenges together and plan your strategy for the next quarter.

• Personality Profiling workshop with DiSC®. This is a fun, interactive and thought-provoking workshop using DiSC personality styles. It will help your group to understand each other more deeply, become better communicators, minimise conflict and appreciate your differences.

Ready to find out more?

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