Leadership Coaching

Develop empowered, authentic and inspiring leaders

Today's organisations are challenging environments, surrounded by rapid change, complexity and uncertainty. Great leadership is the key to success in order to draw out the leadership in others. Working together with everyone at their best is the only way to effectively manage change, deal with challenges and sustain future success.

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” ~ Jack Welch

Coaching leaders around their leadership style and approach enables them to develop their leadership skills and self awareness. As a result they will become more empowered, authentic and inspiring leaders.

Knowing how to be a great leader begins with an awareness of who you are in your role. Leadership skills can be honed and developed, but we all have an idea (often subconsciously) of what makes a leader and how someone should lead. Our leadership coaching starts with the leader themselves and exploring their own self understanding and awareness. They can then in turn grow and lead others to success. Therefore it's important to look at what your leaders bring to your leadership role and how they lead.

"It is a real pleasure to be coached by Rachael from Pursuit. Rachael helped me set both short and long term goals for myself, focusing on Leadership. The coaching sessions are thought-provoking, the coaching is very practical and has had a positive impact on a number of aspects of my role.

I found that touching base on a regular basis with Rachael is an excellent way to critically examine oneself as she helps me identify, frame and clarify key development objectives and offers practical tools and techniques to achieve them and come back with a fresh perspective.

The coaching also came into play in discussions I had with my team, peers and senior leaders. I find the coaching really beneficial and it has renewed my focus on what I want to achieve in the future. Rachael's knowledge and level of professionalism are outstanding and really help me make a difference." Partner at a UK Top 10 Accountancy Firm

Our Leadership Programme

Pursuit Coaching + Development will support you in developing leadership capability and management skills at all levels of your organisation. Our coaching programmes for leadership will help your leaders make the difference and deliver great results.

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The 7 P's of Leadership

We've developed a framework called 'The 7 Ps of Leadership' which covers the key aspects of leadership performance and potential. Using this model your leaders will explore different aspects of their leadership style and approach. Leaders will understand their motivations, behaviours and abilities more deeply. They'll be able to acknowledge and appreciate their natural strengths along with being empowered to attend to  specific areas that require action.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams

As a result of this new knowledge and learning, leaders will be more effective in their own day to work, better able to solve challenges and build great relationships with teams and clients.

The 7 Ps are personality, purpose, performance, passion, productivity, profile and potential.  Together, these create a unique and special blend of skills, qualities and important areas for leadership development.

The 7 Ps of Leadership model provides a great framework for the coaching programme, enabling leaders to explore parts of their leadership approach they might previously have overlooked.On our leadership coaching programme we can either explore all of these areas or define certain areas more closely.


What do you in your fullest self bring to leadership? Exploring behaviours, values and presence. Understanding what's important to you on a deep level and how you make decisions based on your values. Exploring how you develop leadership presence and gravitas. What behaviours based on your values are helpful to you or not helpful to you.


Who are you there to serve? Exploring your purpose, vision, mission and desired legacy. Understanding why you are in your role and what's the underlying purpose of doing what you do? What you want to achieve in the long term and are you on track or drifting? What do you want to look back and feel proud of?


What are your results? Reviewing your strengths, skills and how you can use them to your best advantage to achieve great results. This important combination is unique to you and is key to your performance. Your strengths and skills are can be either hampered or accelerated by your area and level of focus. Exploring your areas of focus when you are either present of mind or when on 'auto pilot'.  Where does your attention go?


How does your passion for what you do show up? How do others see that in you? How do you ignite the passion for others and inspire them in their roles? Your passion is what drives you forward, even in the hardest of times. In this is sense, it's about your motivation levels, your commitment to seeing things through and persevering no matter what.


When are you at your best? Exploring your energy levels, where you get your energy from and what gives you balance. What happens when you are at your most productive and can achieve a deep sense of flow.

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What do you want to be known for? Exploring other's perceptions of you, your reputation and credibility. Looking at your internal and external networks, how you manage stakeholders and influence other's perceptions of you in a positive way.


What else can you achieve? This is about what you are capable of; what unexplored potential you hold inside. If you a are high performer you will undoubtedly want to achieve more. What might be holding you back and what opportunities there are for you to exploit? What challenges there are for you to face and use as learning opportunities to unlock your capability and potential even further.


"Throughout our discussions, Rachael helped me to identify clear and well defined actions to help me on the way to achieving my goals. While Rachael always held me accountable she was supportive when blockages came up that meant I didn't always progress my actions as far as I had committed to. She seemed to sense when I was holding back and kept pressing to ensure that I challenged myself and set more clearly defined actions. I found the sessions were very enjoyable and encouraged me to really think more deeply about the goals I had set out to work through."

Patrick Hickman

How it works 

Your leaders will begin by creating a long term vision for success. Using The 7Ps framework, they'll identify what skills and resources they already have to help them deliver their success plan. They'll explore what being empowered, authentic and inspiring means to them, and how they can instill this for themselves and their teams.

They'll also look at blind spots; areas they haven't yet got covered. They'll anticipate challenges and spot areas that require further resources, investment or improvement. They will develop action plans to deliver their vision and strategy and begin putting that into action during the course of the programme.  

Measuring progress

Our coaching programmes begin with a 3 way sponsor review with the person to be coached, their line manager and our coach. Together we'll agree broad objectives for the programme and what outcomes are expected. We'll also agree what themes will be shared with the sponsor during the programme. All coaching conversations are 100% confidential so we ensure upfront that the individual is in agreement with whatever themes or actions will be shared, and ideally takes that on themselves. If specific measures for return on investment need to be agreed then that will happen in advance of any coaching starting.

Reviews with the sponsor will usually occur every 3 months. This will allow enough time to review progress, make any alterations to the programme and acknowledge the development and progress that's occurred. In this way, the person to be coached will be able to measure their own progress, deal with any issues along the way, and make any changes necessary.

Ultimately, leaders will gain a deeper sense of who they are and what their purpose is as a leader. They'll have some much-needed time for self-reflection, action planning as well as receiving challenge, support and feedback.

Leverage your Team

Improve productivity, harness your team's potential, and deal with personality clashes.

Team coaching and /or team workshops will support you in ensuring your workplace is a safe environment that nurtures healthy working relationships.

Find out more about you can leverage your team, improve motivation and engagement.