Performance Coaching

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Flourish at work

Performance Coaching is a great way of helping people to flourish at work, progressing careers and helping people feel more satisfied with their work. There are many measurable results from coaching such as higher levels of production, job satisfaction, engagement and retention. Performance Coaching can improve personal effectiveness, lower stress levels and lead to higher levels of teamwork and collaboration.

What can Performance Coaching help your people do?

Developing new skills often results in an increase in confidence. For people who have received coaching at work, they often feel more able to take on complex and interesting work, leading to greater ability to shoulder responsibility and lead others. It can also help people to:

  • Develop skills such as strategic thinking and leadership
  • Manage stakeholders successfully
  • Foster great workplace relationships
  • Transition effectively to another team
  • Balance home, life and work
  • Manage workloads and deal with conflicting priorities
  • Deal with stress and overwhelm
  • Work with difficult personalities
  • Take on more responsibility
  • Play to strengths and work on developmental areas
  • Find opportunities for growth
  • Manage time more effectively

As an external coach I bring fresh insights, support, warmth and challenge to my coaching. My coaching programme includes upfront agreement of coaching objectives with coaches and coaching sponsors, with regular reviews for progress tracking.

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