Supporting your talented promotion candidates

Achieving successful promotions

Depending on your organisation, senior level promotions can take anywhere from 3-9 months or more. You might have several milestones for candidates to overcome, from psychometric tests to readiness reviews and interview panels to presentations of their vision.  As a result of all this focus, many candidates often report that they are feel they are 'constantly in the spotlight.'

Naturally, to secure the success of the team and the organisation, you'll want to promote your most talented; those who are ready for promotion, who understand what's required and how they'll deliver it. But how do you minimise the risk of losing talented people and ensure your new promotees will be as successful as possible?


Failing at the first hurdle

There's no doubt that it's crucial for both the organisation and the individual that promotion processes are requiring of candidates. To protect against bias, there needs to be a fair selection process which should test the candidates and prepare them for the next level. But although it's right that the process is the same for everyone, human nature means some candidates will cope better with some aspects than others. Depending on circumstances, some people will cope better than others with the pressure, whilst others will need more support.

Sadly, there are too many real-life stories about people who've been promoted where they have failed at the first significant hurdle. This isn't because they weren't skilled or experienced or talented enough. It's often because they simply weren't mentally prepared for the change the next level required of them. They hadn't foreseen the issues and challenges they would face, and how they would respond and adapt to extra responsibility. This is usually avoidable as long as candidates have enough support and help during the promotion process itself.

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Promotion process: a wholesome or a worrisome experience?

The demands of a long and challenging promotion process can cause even the highest performers to develop serious anxieties about their capabilities and question whether the promotion is really worth all the effort. It's a big personal risk for candidates to set their sights on promotion when there's a distinct possibility they won't be successful. The process can feel overly competitive, demanding and arduous. Candidates nowadays need to have a high level of resilience and self-awareness to be able to take critical feedback and develop their weaknesses sufficiently. This all requires heavy investment of a candidate's time and mental energy, which can feel exhausting on top of their already relentless day job.

Whilst that might sound like it's part of the natural path to promotion, organisations stand the risk of losing some great people along the way. So how can you ensure candidates come out of the process intact and fresh for the new role?


How we can help support your people

Our coaching programme will support people who are either already in a promotion process, or who are getting ready to be promoted within the next 6-18 months.

We help focus on the strategic, personal and practical aspects of a promotion. Our intention is to support people in their personal growth, to accelerate their learning and to build their resilience. As a result you will have candidates who are authentic, empowered and effective in their roles. They will be equipped to cope with the challenge of extra responsibility, aware of their strengths and able to manage or mitigate their areas for development.

Our Coaching Promotion Programme

Our aim is to maximise your candidate's chance of success and ensure they are ready to take on the challenges at the next level. Working alongside your business strategy and promotion process, we work with candidates to fully understand your current and future business needs. Candidates will become clear on their own strengths and value, and how they will contribute to future success. If they have a role in business growth, we will look at targets and measurable milestones to achieve success.

What our programme covers

Ultimately our programme will be bespoke to your organisation's needs and the needs of the candidate, but here's an idea of what we can help and support with:

  • Designing a clear and measurable action plan to navigate the promotion process
  • Setting out their personal vision for success
  • Reviewing 360 feedback including coaching observations
  • Making a robust business case for promotion with and authentic examples of success
  • Creating a development plan based on personal readiness, strengths and development needs
  • Support in delivering a presentation, attending an interview panel or readiness review
  • Building a plan for the first 100 days in role to anticipate issues and enable proactivity
  • Providing a confidential space for self-reflection, learning and open discussion

We will support your candidates every step of the process and beyond.

Outcomes for candidates and the organisation

Achieve more successful promotions as a result of our promotion coaching programme. Whilst results are unique to the organisation and the individual, here are the kinds of results you can expect to achieve with us:

  • Increased likelihood of success both at promotion stage and in the new role
  • Strengthened personal performance and leadership
  • Higher level of teamwork and collaboration
  • Greater focus on results through greater ability to anticipate and mitigate issues
  • Increased personal growth and fulfilment leading to greater satisfaction at work
  • Developed strategic networks and stakeholders at all levels
  • Greater resilience to dealing with setbacks
  • Increased ability to deal with change and uncertainty
  • Obstacles to success are dealt with, removed or diminished
  • Candidates remain energised throughout
  • Increased self belief and confidence
  • Heightened self awareness, communication and empathy

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Our Specialism

We specialise in working with senior promotion candidates from professional services firms. In these promotion processes, there are often more talented candidates than available business cases. This can add considerable pressure to candidates and in some cases, weaken their performance as a result. If there's a competitive or heavily challenging element to your promotion process then why not invest in your talent to maximise their chances of success.