Career growth & development

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Fancy a career boost?

We work with talented career professionals who want to invest in and progress their career. We know that not everyone has a full level of career support through work, so we can offer you  additional support. If you'd like to  boost your career, deal with an issue at work, take on more responsibility or prepare yourself for the next role, we can help you accelerate your success.

We work with individuals from all industries including private, public and not for profit. We also specialise in working with people from professional services firms. These are typically environments where collaboration is key, but competition is high, and places where you need to stand out whilst showing you can be a great team player.

Our Career Coaching Programmes

We offer three programmes on a private client basis below. With flexible coaching slots and a face to face, online or phone coaching service, we can provide you with the ultimate support in your career progression. We offer a 30 minute complimentary Career Evaluation to review your career and help you decide whether coaching with Pursuit is right for you. See below for more details and how to get in touch.

Progress your career

Develop your leadership capacity, enhance your work performance, make an important career move or deal with a difficult issue at work

3 Steps to Promotion

Increase your chances of success and stay energised throughout the process. Ensure you're ready for promotion and hit the ground running in your next role.

Rebalance and restore

Restore fulfilment and balance, combat exhaustion, recharge your batteries and rediscover your inner strength

Our Career Coaching programmes all include:

  • An 18 page DISC personality profile report all about your behavioural style*
  • Upfront agreement with you about your ideal outcomes and expectations about coaching
  • Setting clear goals and measurable review points along the way
  • Mid coaching reviews to take stock and review your progress against your goals and timescales
  • Flexible daytime coaching slots
  • Option of meeting face to face, by phone or online (face to face can incur extra travel costs, so just check with us)
  • Development learning review for the last session
  • 100% confidentiality

*A DISC Personality profile is the language of behaviour. You'll receive an 18 page report about your behavioural style. This knowledge and understanding will empower you to become a better communicator, minimise or prevent conflicts, appreciate the differences in others and positively influence those around you. The acronym DISC stands for the four personality styles represented by the letters:

D - Dominant, driver

I - Influencing, inspiring

S - Steady, stable

C - Correct, compliance focused

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How the programme works practically 

We aim to give you flexibility and convenience so that your coaching works for you in the best way possible. We offer packages in Coaching Hours of either 6 hours, 9 hours or 12 hours. Simply purchase your required number of Coaching Hours, and then decide how to split your hours. You can choose 30 minute, 60 or 90 minute sessions to fit your working pattern.  You can make your choice depending on your career needs, your desired outcome, timeframe and budget.

For more details about how it works, our pricing and how we can help, simply book in your complimentary career evaluation today (see below).

Our service guarantee

We're passionate about coaching and helping people to make positive and transformational to change their lives and careers. The success of the coaching programme is down to you because you own the process and the results. However, we want all our clients to be entirely happy and satisfied with our service and our style of coaching. So we give you an opportunity to have a full refund - if at the end of the first session you're not happy, we will refund your money.

Complimentary 30 minute Career Evaluation

If you're committed to developing your career and serious about making positive changes, then why not book in a Career Evaluation Session today? This consultation is entirely focused on you and your career challenges, concerns and questions. There's no sales pitch - just a great conversation.

Your complimentary 30 minute Career Evaluation will review:

  • Your career to date
  • What you want from your future career
  • What might be getting in your way
  • What solutions could help you progress and move forward

This is a free phone consultation and if you're interested, just call or send an email with an idea of what time works for you. To make sure this will be a good use of your time, we'll send you a short Reflection Questionnaire to fill in prior to the session.

Alternatively, if you're struggling with a particular issue in your career and you simply want to discuss that issue to understand what kind of help you may need, just give us a call. If we can't help, then it may be that we can put you in touch with other relevant sources who can.