Skills Development

Why invest in skills development?

With a wealth of recruitment opportunities and ambitious people prepared to move to greener pastures, it’s not unusual for today’s organisations to struggle to retain their talent. Although every organisation needs fresh talent every now and then, the cost of recruitment and training doesn’t come cheap.

One of the ways you can increase retention in your organisation is to invest in your people's skills and capabilities. When people feel they have the right skills for the job, there's a direct correlation with how they feel they're doing at work. As a result, their engagement and satisfaction increases, along with their level of loyalty.

Enhance the skills of your team to enhance the performance of your business
Enhance the skills of your team to enhance the performance of your business

Up-skilling your people is one of the most successful ways to improve your organisation's performance and competitive edge. Through training and personal development, people are often more prepared to take on board a greater degree of complexity and responsibility in their work. As a result, client service improves, communication within teams increases and productivity and wellbeing also increase.

How we can help you with skills development 

We run skills workshops on all aspects of people development. Our aim is to deliver engaging content in a creative, experiential and flexible way. We bring a great balance of challenge and fun!

All our skills development workshops are tailored to meet your specific learning and development needs, which we will discuss and agree in detail together with you. We can pitch courses for any level of staff, from new beginners to the most senior. Workshops can be structured into 90 minute bite-size sessions, one or two days, depending on your needs.

If there's something you're looking for that you can't see below, just give us a call to chat about what you're looking to achieve.

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Diversity& leadership empowerment
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Talented Teams

Engage your team's creativity and potential!

This interactive and fun workshop will help your teams better understand each other. As a result, you'll increase loyalty, engagement and personal commitment. Understanding each other's personalities is essential to a more harmonious team. Using the DISC personality profiling tool, you'll learn new ways of communicating and working effectively together. It will also enable you to deal with any personal issues and collaborate in creating a compelling shared vision for the future.

Leading at all levels

Instilling leadership skills from early entry into an organisation builds greater leadership capacity long term, as well as boosting people's performance and unlocking their amazing potential. Develop your team's leadership skills, learn about different management approaches, and understand what's unique about your own leadership style and strengths. Explore what makes great leaders excel, how to foster great relationships with peers, teams and stakeholders, and discover how you can get better results for your yourself and your team.

Create life long leaders from new managers

What's the difference between managing and leading?  When should you lead and when should you manage? You'll learn how to communicate with and manage different personalities along with how to bring teams together. You'll also learn about the importance of values and culture, and how to create an environment where people want to give their best. Ultimately you'll gain confidence in your skills as a new manager and empowered to lead your team to success!

Testimonial on a Leadership Development course:

"We recently engaged Pursuit to facilitate our annual Managers meeting with a view to opening our teams minds to examining their own, and other, management styles and to identify any areas for change/improvement. Rachaels' easy going and personable style proved very effective for this audience. Her interactive and humorous approach, rather than a teacher-student scenario, worked very well for our team. A mix of delivery methods also helped the day flow effectively. Overall , a very successful day, thank you Rachael"

Paul Yeomans, Managing Director of Pomeroy IT Solutions UK


Introduction to Coaching Skills

Coaching is one of the must-have skills for today's leaders. It helps to develop self-awareness, accelerates learning and creativity, and enhances performance. You'll learn how to adopt a non-judgemental approach that helps you to build trust and rapport with teams and stakeholders. You'll be able to empower your teams in a new way, enabling them to improve their own resourcefulness in finding solutions that previously eluded them.

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Having Difficult Conversations

Many people dread having difficult conversations at work, and as a result this can lead to mistrust and further conflict. It's important for your credibility and reputation that you're as well equipped as as possible. On this course you'll learn how to structure your message to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation. You'll also learn how to manage your own emotional state, and how to minimise the potential for misunderstandings and conflict.


Giving Feedback for Growth

Feedback is essential for performance improvement. Done well, feedback can motivate, sharpen focus and empower people to do their best.  Done badly, you can end up with a molehill turned into a mountain, spending excessive time trying to reverse the damage. Here you'll learn effective feedback techniques and how to use feedback  effectively to enhance performance, personal growth and engagement.

Training Experience 

Pursuit Coaching + Development is led by Rachael McNidder, with services from other talented coaches and trainers as required. Our intention is to empower, encourage and support you in achieving great results through the provision of high-quality coaching, training and facilitation.

Rachael has a 15-year career history in operational management & HR from one of the big 4 accountancy firms. Rachael is highly experienced in leading and managing teams, coaching, training and skills development.  Having designed and led many workshops, she’s also facilitated at residential training events for aspiring managers and leaders. Rachael is an established member of Toastmasters International, world leaders in Communication and Leadership Development, and is also a qualified coach, DiSC assessor and NLP Master Practitioner.

We'd love to discuss with you your team's challenges and what would work best for you, your budget and your team. Give us a call today!